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  • 01:20 Popular X-mas Kiss Cocktail

    X-mas Kiss Cocktail

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    X-mas Kiss cocktail Ingredients Vodka- 45ml Lime Juice- 20ml Strawberry- 2 nos Strawberry Puree- 25ml Wild berry- 10gm Sparkling wine- 100ml Cherry and Mint for garnish Method 1.Add Strawberries in a glass and muddle it. 2. Add Lime Juice, Wild berry, Str

  • 02:36 Popular Paneer Scramble

    Paneer Scramble

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    Paneer Bhurji is a cheesy delicacy made out of scrambled cottage cheese. This dish is quick to prepare and yet it so full of flavor. Paneer scramble is a protein rich, hearty and satisfying dish that goes great with breads. Difficulty: Easy Course: Side d

  • 00:41 Popular How To Store Coriander

    How To Store Coriander

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    Don't know how to store coriander the right way to preserve its aroma? Check out this video to know to keep coriander fresh. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - https://w

  • 02:31 Popular Cheese & Olives Stuffed Oyster Chicken

    Cheese & Olives Stuffed Oyster Chicken

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    Cheese & olives stuffed oyster Chicken Ingredients Chicken Breast (cut into thin slices) A few Olives chopped Cheddar Cheese Olive oil - 2 tsp To marinate chicken Olive oil - 1 tsp Salt to taste A pinch of Chilli flakes Chopped Ginger - 1/4 tsp Oyster

  • 01:15 Popular Earl Grey Martini

    Earl Grey Martini

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    Earl Grey Martini Vodka- 60ml Egg white- 2 nos Earl Grey Tea- 20gm Lime Juice- 20ml Orange Zest for Garnish Method 1.Add Ice cubes and Egg White in a cocktail shaker and shake it. 2. Add Vodka in Earl grey tea in a shaker and strain it. 3.Mix Egg white wi

  • 01:32 Popular Banana Fritters In Sugar Syrup

    Banana Fritters In Sugar Syrup

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    These crisp fritters are crunchy at the first bite and as sweet as candy in the inside. These fritters are nothing but batter covered bananas which are deep-fried and coated in a syrupy glaze. Banana Fritters in sugar syrup Ingredients Banana - 2 All purp

  • 01:07 Popular Kiwi De Illa Cocktail

    Kiwi De Illa Cocktail

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    Kiwi De illa Ingredients Kiwi fruit Tequila - 45ml Midori - 25ml Lime juice - 20 ml Strawberry sugar Method 1. Add Kiwi in cocktail shaker & muddle it. 2. Add Lime juice, Midori, Tequila, Ice cubes & shake the drink. 3. Rim the glass with strawber

  • 01:02 Popular How To Freshen Stale Crackers

    How To Freshen Stale Crackers

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    It's frustrating when you buy a box of crackers, only to discover that the crispy treats are stale after you've eaten only a few of them. Don't throw them away. Instead, revive them by following some simple instructions shown in this video.

  • 02:43 Popular Pizza Bun

    Pizza Bun

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    Pizza Bun Ingredients Hot Dog Bun - 1 Onion - 2 thinly sliced Tomato puree - 2 tbsp Oregano - 1 tsp A few Basil leaves Cheddar Cheese grated Olive oil - 3 tsp A few Chilli flakes Salt to taste Like us on FACEBOOK -

  • 00:43 Popular Easiest Way To Shuck Corn

    Easiest Way To Shuck Corn

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    Removing the husk and silk off a corn can be quite a task. Check out this video to know a quick and easy method to shuck corn. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - https://www.

  • 02:13 Popular Creamed Beans With Caramelized Onion

    Creamed Beans With Caramelized Onion

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    Creamed Beans with caramelized onion Ingredients Boiled Beans - 100 gms Parmesan cheese - 2 tbsp A few chopped Thyme Crushed Pepper - 1/4 tsp Butter - 1 tsp Cream - 2 tbsp Salt to taste To Caramelize Onions Onion slices Butter - 1 tsp Red wine - 30 ml Sub

  • 01:15 Popular Coffee Cocktails

    Coffee Cocktails

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    Together, coffee and spirits can occasionally make for an awesome combination. On OTR we'll see some Coffee cocktails That'll Wake You Up!! The irish coffee This cocktail dates back to 1940s when an Irish chef first invented this drink to rouse