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  • 00:52 Popular How To Clean A Pressure Cooker

    How To Clean A Pressure Cooker

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    If you keep your pressure cooker clean, you can get years of use out of it. Check out this video to know the right way to clean a cooker. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - h

  • 00:54 Popular Tropical Storm

    Tropical Storm

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    TROPICAL STORM Ingredients: Fresh pineapple Fresh orange Pineapple juice - 30 ml Orange juice - 30 ml Lime juice - 20 ml Peach syrup - 20 ml Method: 1. Mix all the ingredients 2. Add ice cubes 3. Blend it in a mixer 4. Strain into a glass 5. Garnish with

  • 03:04 Popular Cauliflower & Broccoli Casserole

    Cauliflower & Broccoli Casserole

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    Mrs. Hema Subramanian adds more color to the cheesy cauliflower dish by adding broccoli. Nothing would beat this hot and super creamy dish on a cold day. Preparation Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Medium Cauliflower & Broccoli Casserole Ingredients Boiled

  • 00:59 Popular B 14

    B 14

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    B 14 Ingredients Tequila - 10 ml White Rum - 15 ml Vodka - 15 ml Lime juice - 10 ml Dark Rum - 5 ml Method 1. Fill a shaker with ice cubes, Tequila, White Rum, Vodka and Lime juice. 2. Shake well, and strain into a Shot glass. 3. Layer it with Dark Rum. F

  • 01:13 Popular Storing Fresh Fruits

    Storing Fresh Fruits

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    Most fresh fruits are quite perishable and require refrigeration. You can leave some fruits out to ripen, but when they’re ripe, they last longer in the fridge. Check this video for some suggestions on storing fresh fruits. Facebook - https://www.fa

  • 03:29 Popular Mutton Stew

    Mutton Stew

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    Mutton Stew Ingredients Mutton - 1kg Carrot - 4 to 5 finely chopped A few stock Celery finely chopped Onion - 3 finely chopped A few cloves of Garlic chopped A piece of Ginger chopped finely Paprika powder - 2 tsp Pepper - 2 tsp Cayenne pepper - 2 tsp Sal

  • 02:29 Popular Kung Pao Pasta

    Kung Pao Pasta

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    A Chinese classic with a Chicken twist, with green onions, hot red chilies, garlic, roasted peanuts and signature Kung Pao sauce. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy. Kung pao Pasta Ingredients Chicken - 100 gm Spaghetti - 180 gm Roasted Peanuts Olive oil blen

  • 01:00 Popular Remove Coffee Stains From Cups

    Remove Coffee Stains From Cups

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    Coffee can create some pretty nasty stains on your cups & over time these stains are very hard to remove easily. Check out this video to know some quick and easy ways to get rid of these stains. Facebook -

  • 01:29 Popular Pomme Sour Cocktail

    Pomme Sour Cocktail

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    Pomme sour Ingredients Vodka - 60ml Fresh Pomegranate Lemon grass Passion Fruit Syrup - 15ml Lemon juice - 10ml Mint Leaves Method 1. Add Lemon grass & muddle it, and add fresh Pomegranate & muddle it again. 2. Add Lemon juice, Passion Fruit Syrup

  • 02:15 Popular Cheesy Olive Bites

    Cheesy Olive Bites

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    Cheesy Olive Bites Ingredients Pitted Green Olives - 8 to 9 chopped Mayonnaise - 2 tsp Parmesan Cheese - 1/4 cup Celery - 2 sticks Chopped Paprika powder - 1 tsp Pepper - 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard - 1 tsp Ready-made Pizza base Like us on FACEBOOK - https://ww

  • 01:28 Popular How To Reduce The Bitterness From Bitter Gourd

    How To Reduce The Bitterness From Bitter Gourd

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    Bitter gourd purifies blood and gives you an amazing skin with the additional benefit of fat loss. But the bitterness makes most of us despise bitter gourd. Check out this video to see how you can reduce the bitter taste and to know how to buy fresh bitte

  • 01:05 Popular Curry Leaves Mojito

    Curry Leaves Mojito

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    Curry Leaves Mojito Ingredients White Rum - 60 ml Lime wedges Curry leaves Sugar syrup - 30 ml Tabasco sauce Method 1. Add Lime wedges & muddle it. 2. Add Sugar syrup, Curry leaves & muddle it again. 3. Add Tabasco sauce, White Rum, crushed ice &a