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  • 02:31 Crepes


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    Crepes Ingredients All purpose flour - 1 cup Milk - 300 ml Egg - 1 A pinch of Salt Butter Vanilla essence - 1/2 tsp Like us on FACEBOOK - Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTu

  • 00:57 Popular How To Tell If A Container Is Microwave Safe

    How To Tell If A Container Is Microwave Safe

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    Microwave safe dishes are always labeled however if it is not labeled you can run a simple test on the dish in question by following the steps shown in this video Facebook - Twitter -

  • 01:20 Popular X-mas Kiss Cocktail

    X-mas Kiss Cocktail

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    X-mas Kiss cocktail Ingredients Vodka- 45ml Lime Juice- 20ml Strawberry- 2 nos Strawberry Puree- 25ml Wild berry- 10gm Sparkling wine- 100ml Cherry and Mint for garnish Method 1.Add Strawberries in a glass and muddle it. 2. Add Lime Juice, Wild berry, Str

  • 02:36 Popular Paneer Scramble

    Paneer Scramble

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    Paneer Bhurji is a cheesy delicacy made out of scrambled cottage cheese. This dish is quick to prepare and yet it so full of flavor. Paneer scramble is a protein rich, hearty and satisfying dish that goes great with breads. Difficulty: Easy Course: Side d

  • 00:41 Popular How To Store Coriander

    How To Store Coriander

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    Don't know how to store coriander the right way to preserve its aroma? Check out this video to know to keep coriander fresh. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - https://w

  • 02:31 Popular Cheese & Olives Stuffed Oyster Chicken

    Cheese & Olives Stuffed Oyster Chicken

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    Cheese & olives stuffed oyster Chicken Ingredients Chicken Breast (cut into thin slices) A few Olives chopped Cheddar Cheese Olive oil - 2 tsp To marinate chicken Olive oil - 1 tsp Salt to taste A pinch of Chilli flakes Chopped Ginger - 1/4 tsp Oyster

  • 01:15 Popular Earl Grey Martini

    Earl Grey Martini

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    Earl Grey Martini Vodka- 60ml Egg white- 2 nos Earl Grey Tea- 20gm Lime Juice- 20ml Orange Zest for Garnish Method 1.Add Ice cubes and Egg White in a cocktail shaker and shake it. 2. Add Vodka in Earl grey tea in a shaker and strain it. 3.Mix Egg white wi

  • 01:32 Popular Banana Fritters In Sugar Syrup

    Banana Fritters In Sugar Syrup

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    These crisp fritters are crunchy at the first bite and as sweet as candy in the inside. These fritters are nothing but batter covered bananas which are deep-fried and coated in a syrupy glaze. Banana Fritters in sugar syrup Ingredients Banana - 2 All purp

  • 01:07 Popular Kiwi De Illa Cocktail

    Kiwi De Illa Cocktail

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    Kiwi De illa Ingredients Kiwi fruit Tequila - 45ml Midori - 25ml Lime juice - 20 ml Strawberry sugar Method 1. Add Kiwi in cocktail shaker & muddle it. 2. Add Lime juice, Midori, Tequila, Ice cubes & shake the drink. 3. Rim the glass with strawber

  • 01:02 Popular How To Freshen Stale Crackers

    How To Freshen Stale Crackers

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    It's frustrating when you buy a box of crackers, only to discover that the crispy treats are stale after you've eaten only a few of them. Don't throw them away. Instead, revive them by following some simple instructions shown in this video.

  • 02:43 Popular Pizza Bun

    Pizza Bun

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    Pizza Bun Ingredients Hot Dog Bun - 1 Onion - 2 thinly sliced Tomato puree - 2 tbsp Oregano - 1 tsp A few Basil leaves Cheddar Cheese grated Olive oil - 3 tsp A few Chilli flakes Salt to taste Like us on FACEBOOK -

  • 00:43 Popular Easiest Way To Shuck Corn

    Easiest Way To Shuck Corn

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    Removing the husk and silk off a corn can be quite a task. Check out this video to know a quick and easy method to shuck corn. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - https://www.