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  • 02:45 Popular Coconut & Nut Stuffed Banana

    Coconut & Nut Stuffed Banana

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    A humble title belies a mind-blowing delicious dessert. A thick ripe banana is filled with dried fruits and nuts and layered with peanut powder. Enjoy your Diwali with this delicious and healthy dessert. Ingredients: Grated Coconut Dried Grapes (Sultana)

  • 00:57 Popular Tips For Making Pooris

    Tips For Making Pooris

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    The perfect Poori is pale golden in color and puffed up almost like a ball! Check out this video to know some quick tips to make softer and fluffier pooris. Facebook - Twitter -

  • 01:16 Popular Fresh Fruit Cocktails

    Fresh Fruit Cocktails

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    We've got u cocktail ideas for all your favorite fruits, from Lychees and pomegranates to kiwi fruit and strawberries. We'll see our favorite fresh fruit cocktails on On the Rocks today! To make a refreshing Lychee Mojito we muddle a few mint le

  • 03:00 Popular Savory Cracker (thattai)

    Savory Cracker (thattai)

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    Thattai is a Crispy thin Indian Savory and one of the important dish made during festivals specially during Diwali. Savory Cracker /Thattai Ingredients All purpose flour (Maida) - 1 cup Roasted Semolina - 1/4 cup Dried Fenugreek leaves (Kasuri Methi) - 1

  • 00:52 Popular How To Store Tomatoes

    How To Store Tomatoes

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    We are always doubtful about how tomatoes have to be stored. Check this video to find out the best way to keep tomatoes fresh.

  • 00:55 Popular How To Get Rid Of Onion Smell From Hands

    How To Get Rid Of Onion Smell From Hands

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    Does the smell of onions still haunt you even after hours of cutting them? Check this video to know how to get rid of onion smell from you hands.

  • 01:09 Popular Wine Based Cocktails

    Wine Based Cocktails

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    Wine Based Cocktails, Surprise and delight your guests with a creative, refreshingly different way to enjoy our wines. Check out these colorful wine-based cocktails we have stirred. Mulled wine sangria is a Christmas drink in which fresh fruits, dry fruit

  • 00:43 Popular Tips To Make Thattai

    Tips To Make Thattai

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    Thattai is a crunchy snack made in almost every South Indian household during Diwali. Check out this video to know couple of quick tips while you are making thattai Facebook - Twitter - https://twitter.c

  • 02:54 Popular Crunchy Choco Cornflakes

    Crunchy Choco Cornflakes

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    Crack and crunch in your mouth this Diwali with delicious Crunchy Choco Cornflakes. Ingredients Milk chocolate - 3 bars Dark chocolate - 3 small pieces Plain Corn flakes - 1 cup Honey - 1 tbsp Butter - 1 tbsp A few Almonds thinly sliced Method: 1. Take a

  • 00:54 Popular Unusual Uses Of Butter

    Unusual Uses Of Butter

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    Not only can u smear butter on your food, it has some great uses around ur kitchen too. Check this video to know a few strange uses of butter. Facebook - Twitter - Youtub

  • 02:41 Popular Paal Paniyaram

    Paal Paniyaram

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    Paal Paniyaram Ingredients: Unsalted Dosa/Idli Batter Oil for frying 1 cup Milk 4 tbsp Condensed milk Fresh coconut (Chopped) 1 tsp Ghee Cashew nuts (Chopped) Fresh Cardamom 4 tbsp Sugar Coconut Shell (For frying) Method: 1. Boil the milk. 2. To fry the d

  • 01:17 Popular Vintage Apple Cocktail

    Vintage Apple Cocktail

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    Vintage Apple Ingredients Vodka - 60 ml Lemon wedges - 6 to 8 Apple cubes - 1/2 A few Coriander leaves Apple juice - 30 ml Cranberry juice - 30 ml Method 1. Muddle the Lemon wedges in the shaker glass. 2. Tap the Coriander leaves and put in a glass. 3. Ad