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  • 02:41 Popular Paal Paniyaram

    Paal Paniyaram

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    Paal Paniyaram Ingredients: Unsalted Dosa/Idli Batter Oil for frying 1 cup Milk 4 tbsp Condensed milk Fresh coconut (Chopped) 1 tsp Ghee Cashew nuts (Chopped) Fresh Cardamom 4 tbsp Sugar Coconut Shell (For frying) Method: 1. Boil the milk. 2. To fry the d

  • 01:17 Popular Vintage Apple Cocktail

    Vintage Apple Cocktail

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    Vintage Apple Ingredients Vodka - 60 ml Lemon wedges - 6 to 8 Apple cubes - 1/2 A few Coriander leaves Apple juice - 30 ml Cranberry juice - 30 ml Method 1. Muddle the Lemon wedges in the shaker glass. 2. Tap the Coriander leaves and put in a glass. 3. Ad

  • 03:41 Popular Dry Fruit & Nut Roll

    Dry Fruit & Nut Roll

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    Diwali special Sweet, Dry Fruit & Nut Roll. Its made out of pitted dates, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Unsalted Pistachios and Raisins. Dry Fruit & Nut Roll Ingredients A few Almonds A few Cashew nuts A few Pitted Dates A few Unsalted Pistachios A few Ra

  • 01:01 Popular How To Prepare Pans For Baking

    How To Prepare Pans For Baking

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    A common problem that bakers encounter is having a cake stick to the bottom of the pan when they try to remove it. Check out this video to overcome this problem. Facebook - Twitter -

  • 01:21 Popular Hot Moon Lady

    Hot Moon Lady

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    Hot Moon Lady is a 2 layered drink. Ingredients Vodka - 60 ml Grenadine syrup - 20 ml Blue Curacao - 20 ml Apple juice - 40 ml Litchi juice - 40 ml Julienne of Apple Slice of Orange Method 1. Fill a shaker with crushed ice, Grenadine syrup, vodka, apple j

  • 02:40 Popular Hummus


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    Hummus is one of the more popular Middle Eastern dips. Served with fresh or toasted pita bread, hummus makes for a great snack or appetizer. Ingredients Cooked Chickpeas - 200gms Salt to taste A few cloves of Garlic chopped Extra Virgin Olive oil - 4 tbsp