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  • 04:23 Popular Travel - Dharamshala

    Travel - Dharamshala

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    This week we take you to Dharmsala. Lying in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh is Dharmasala. Founded in 1855, it is one of the 80 hill resorts developed in the seventeenth century by the Sritish. Set against

  • 02:50 Popular Landmark _ Dr. D Y Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai

    Landmark _ Dr. D Y Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai

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    Designed by Hafiz contractor, the D Y Patil stadium was inaugurated in March 2008. With a huge sitting area and finely maintained ground, this is a well-equipped state of the art stadium.

  • 04:40 Popular Travel: Manali - Himachal Pradesh

    Travel: Manali - Himachal Pradesh

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    This week we have the picturesque hill resort of Manali in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by mountains and rivers this dream destination is an excellent venue for adventure sports, fun and romance.

  • 02:43 Popular Landmark _ Saat Rasta

    Landmark _ Saat Rasta

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    The seven roads or saat rasta diverse itself into seven different directions from the popular landmark Jacob Circle, connecting Mumbaikars to various destinations around the city.

  • 05:04 Popular Travel: Nagaland, India

    Travel: Nagaland, India

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    This week we take you the northeastern state of Nagaland. The hilly state of Nagaland is extremely charming and beautiful. Often referred to as the Switzerland of northeastern India the state is home to ancient naga tribes. a mosaic of picturesque landsca

  • 04:30 Popular Travel: Lakshadweep Islands

    Travel: Lakshadweep Islands

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    This week we take you to one of the most spectacular tropical islands of the world-Lakshadweep. Located in the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea off the western coast of India. These emerald islands, rich in greenery and fringed by silvery beaches over

  • 02:48 Popular Landmark  Iit Bombay

    Landmark Iit Bombay

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    IIT Bombay is located in Powai, a suburb of Mumbai. It_s campus is blessed by the healthy atmosphere of lush greenery and wide campus roads. Enclosed by three gates, the lakeside of the campus is worth a walk. The campus spreads across 550 acres of land a

  • 02:09 Popular Landmark _ Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Udyan

    Landmark _ Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Udyan

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    Situated in the eastern suburb of Mumbai is the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Udyan. The garden is named after Bheem Rao Ambedkar, the chairman of drafting committee of the Indian constitution and the one who abolished the untouchable norms in our country. Apart fr

  • 05:01 Popular Travel: Darjeeling, India

    Travel: Darjeeling, India

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    This week we take you to Darjeeling. Take a break from the heat and dust of summer months and escape to the lush green hills of Darjeeling. The hill station, which still retains its old world charm, provides you with amazing sight seeing opportunities.

  • 02:38 Popular Landmark _ Phool Bazaar

    Landmark _ Phool Bazaar

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    Mumbai (ANI): The Phool Bazaar in Dadar is one of the most popular wholesale markets in Mumbai. Once you enter the phool gali, the sweet smell of Marigold and Roses and many such fresh flowers will make you forget the traditional Bombay smell of sweet, to

  • 06:47 Popular Travel: Bangalore, India

    Travel: Bangalore, India

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    This week we take a trip down south, to the Silicon Valley of India, the fastest growing cites in southeast Asia- Bangalore. A mix of the modern and the traditional Bangalore city will completely charm you and then we travel to the Hogenakkal Waterfalls k

  • 05:01 Popular Travel: Shillong, India

    Travel: Shillong, India

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    This week we take you to the capital of the north eastern state of Meghalaya - Shillong. Also known as _The Scotland of the East' for its striking resemblance to the Scottish highlands, Shillong is an ideal tourist refuge in the summer months.