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  • 03:11 Popular Landmark _ Ragiguddada Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple

    Landmark _ Ragiguddada Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple

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    Bangalore (ANI) : Situated at the Jayanagar district of Bangalore city, Ragiguddada Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple is a shrine dedicated to Lord Hanumana. The history behind the name of the temple is as fantasizing as Hanuman Leelas. It is believed tha

  • 05:04 Popular Travel: Nagaland, India

    Travel: Nagaland, India

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    This week we take you the northeastern state of Nagaland. The hilly state of Nagaland is extremely charming and beautiful. Often referred to as the Switzerland of northeastern India the state is home to ancient Naga tribes. A mosaic of picturesque landsca

  • 02:03 Popular Landmark: Shankara Foundation

    Landmark: Shankara Foundation

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    Founded by renowned classical dancer Rashme Hegde Gopi, Shankara is a famous cultural center for arts, artisans and art lovers. Set up on two and a half acres of greenland, along Kanakapura Road, the place is popular for art melas, cultural exhibitons and

  • 01:55 Popular Landmark: State Bank Of Mysore

    Landmark: State Bank Of Mysore

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    State Bank of Mysore (Head Office) building is one of the the oldest buildings in Karnataka. The Bank was established as 'Bank of Mysore Ltd.', on the 19th May, & commenced its business on the 2nd October 1913, under the patronage of His Hig

  • 01:54 Popular Landmark: Chowdiah Memorial Hall

    Landmark: Chowdiah Memorial Hall

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    Chowdiah Memorial Hall is a cultural centre in Bangalore which provides a home for musical and theatrical performances as well as competitions. It is administered by Academy of Music, an independent registered body, founded in 1961.The auditorium is built

  • 04:14 Popular Travel: Nainital, Uttarakhand

    Travel: Nainital, Uttarakhand

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    This week we take you to the picturesque hill station of Nainital in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Situated at an altitude of 1,938 metres above sea level, Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake.

  • 02:38 Popular Landmark: Fun World

    Landmark: Fun World

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    Fun World is the famous amusement park in Bangalore, situated at the palace ground. The Fun World is an ideal destination for kids. Wide range of rides can be experienced in the park.

  • 03:25 Popular Destination - Goa

    Destination - Goa

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    This week, we take you to Goa. Kissed by a passionate azure sea, this tiny state on india's western coast has lots to offer to visitors.

  • 02:11 Popular Flavours Of India -  Palak Paneer

    Flavours Of India - Palak Paneer

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    Shahi Paneer is immensely popular, especially in North India. Shahi paneer is a preparation of paneer, cream, tomatoes and spices. Thick, creamy and spicy, it is a mainstay of Indian Cuisine.

  • 01:53 Popular Landmark: Forum Mall

    Landmark: Forum Mall

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    The Forum is a popular shopping mall located on Hosur Road in Koramangala, Bangalore city in Karnataka, India. The shopping mall houses 625,000 sq ft of shops over four levels.The mall has everything from shoes to exercise equipment.

  • 04:52 Popular Destination Of India - Shimla

    Destination Of India - Shimla

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    This week we take you to one of the most popular hill stations of India, Shimla. This small hill station, located amidst the lofty snow-clad Himalayan Ranges, abounds in natural beauty. Destination India takes a look at this picturesque summer retreat.

  • 02:03 Popular Landmark: Pali Hill

    Landmark: Pali Hill

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    Pali Hill is a fashionable, posh mainly residential area in Bandra (West), a suburb of Mumbai, India. It is Bollywood''s equivalent of Beverly Hills.