Punjabi Media In Canada Rubbish Diktat Against Indian Diplomats [Video]
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Punjabi Media In Canada Rubbish Diktat Against Indian Diplomats

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Vancouver (Canada), Feb 01: Sikh Diaspora across the globe have denounced the diktat issued by fringes of Canada, UK, and few other countries, seeking a ban on Indian diplomats' entry in gurudwaras.Punjabi media channels in UK and Canada have repeatedly condemned the move on various debates and discussion platforms, calling it a part of a bigger and nefarious plot created and shaped in territory of Pakistan.One such broadcast on a Canadian radio station underscored and exposed the vested interests of such people who are working on the payrolls of Islamabad, and educated people about the Indian government, which has never interfered and undermined any religion in history. Islamabad, for years, has been waging a multi-pronged proxy war against India and pumped in a huge amount of money to keep anti-India conspiracies floating. It has perennially been instructing and funding anti-India elements across various countries to stoke an anti-India sentiment and damage its reputation globally. However, it has failed miserably every single time as the vigilant Sikh diaspora has sensed its diabolic intentions. Reasonable political and religious voices across the community have asked people to remain cautious and asked them to not give any attention to these hate mongers. Islamabad has repeatedly attempted to revive the secessionist movement of Khalistan and has roped in those Sikh leaders in its anti-India designs who have nothing to do with India. A bankrupt nation plagued by the internal socio-economic problems is paying no attention to its existing problems but has invested huge amounts in planning and infrastructure to break India's sovereignty through proxy wars. Today, Pakistan stands on the cusp of getting declared a terrorist country, especially after its long-term ally the United States' President earlier this year termed it a safe haven for terrorists.

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