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Foreign Chefs Participate In Washoku World Challenge In Japan

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Tokyo (Japan), Feb 22 (ANI): Tokyo hosted the final round of "The Washoku World Challenge" a cooking contest in which Japanese cuisine chefs from all over the world compete and showcase their technical expertise and passion for Japanese food. The contest, the 5th of its kind, was organized by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries for non-Japanese chefs. More than 100 chefs from over 21 countries participated in this year's contest. And for the first time, the qualifying matches were held in six different cities around the world. "UMAMI" is the theme for the final stage of this year's contest which took place in Tokyo. The six finalists are requested to make five sets of dishes, representing "UMAMI" which is the described as the "Savory" source of flavor in Japanese cuisine. One of the five basic tastes, the others being sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness, it is an important component of a dish's overall flavor. In 2013, "Washoku" was registered as a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage. This has been a long-standing wish for all the people working in the Japanese culinary field, and the registration of "Washoku" in UNESCO's list became a wonderful opportunity to share the allure of Japanese cuisine with the world. This competition is open to anyone who wants to take the challenge of creating dishes that reflect the balance of flavor and the "omotenashi", or hospitality, which is the spirit of Japanese cuisine. The popularity of Japanese cuisine has exploded worldwide. And even though many chefs of Japanese restaurants have not been trained in Japan, this does not mean that they do not know the cuisine well. The winner this year was a chef from the United States. The second position went to two chefs from Italy and the United States as well. This contest shows that there are chefs who are sharpening and honing their Japanese cooking skills all over the globe.

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